A lycreon, the ninth species.



A scalae. Felisfire's eight species.

A xenofelinoid? What is that? It is what all the species on planet Felisfire are called. From Felidae to Iuridon all species of feli are called that. Since xenofelinoid is such a pain to say(and type) the users of FF have shortened the term to Feli. Feli is often reffered to as any species of xenofelinoids, or sometimes a single felidae. I may say these feli were doing __ when by feli I might mean a xano and a zerda. 

A xano. One of Felisfire's original two species. Like the felidae, this species was redrawn to fit the style of FF.

The plural of feli is feli or Feli's, Whatever floats your boat. Right now there are 


This is a felidae. One of the two original species. The felidae was redrawn a while back to fit in with the style that FF was adopting.

nine different species of Xenofelinoids, Felidae, Aquus, Scalae, Zerda, Chetae, Igneo, Lycreon, Xano, and Iuridon. One thingabout that list is that it is in order of breed dominance. 


A zerda, One of felisfire's Nine species.


A iuridon, one of FF's nine species.

Breed dominanceEdit

Breed dominance is the order of what species you would likely get in breeding.  Here is a chart of Breed dominance in FF.

Dominance Most dominant(Common) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Least dominant(Rare)
Species name Felidae Aquus Scalae Zerda Chetae Igneo Lycreon Xano Iuridon

If I bred a 


A Chetae, one of Felisfire's nine species.

xano with a chetae I would most likely get a chetae, but I could get a xano as well. Now if one of the feli were felidae reccesive, I might also get a felidae. If I bred a scalae with a felidae I would most likely get a felidae, but I could get a scalae as well.


An aquus. This species was redrawn due to the fact that many did not like the cartoony look of the original aquus.

So maybe if you want a lycreon you could get one by breeding your Xano or iuridon to a lycreon(Only if it's a female then you'll get a 100% chance of keeping the baby) For more about breed

Dominance see Dominance


An igneo, one Felisfire's nine species