Feli on Felisfire have a total of four stages, three of which make the feli unable to breed, in only one stage can the feli can breed.

The Baby stage: A feli that is 0 days old, a new born BRED feli. Generation 1 feli skip the baby stage since they are never 0 days old, they always start out at 1 day old. A feli in the baby stage is unable to breed.

The Adolescent stage: A feli that is 1-5 days old. Generation 1 feli start out at 1 day old, skipping right to this stage. At this stage feli are unable to breed.

The Adult stage: A feli that is 6-65 days old. ALL feli have to be aged up to 6 days old (If desired), a feli does not simply start at 6 days old. However, there is a potion, the Aging Potion, that can age your Adolescent to this stage. THIS IS THE ONLY STAGE WHERE FELI CAN BREED.

The Elder stage: The stage the stage in which the feli 66+ days old. Feli at this point can NOT breed and are considered useless in breeding standards. There is a potion, called the Vitality Elixir, that can bring an elder back to the adult stage so the feli may breed again. At this stage though, most users just use the elder for DNA in the Genecode Library.

There are certain candies that affect stages, being:

Vita Vayu-Brings an elder feli back to six days old. It may only be used nine times in a feli's life (hence "9 lives" on the feli's profile).

Nectar Drops-Will remove 3 days from the active cat's age, heal all diseases or injuries, and make its hunger Full. This candy ONLY WORKS ON FELIDAE.

Mapple Suger Cube-Increases a feli's age by one day.

Caramelized Jelly Grass-Decreases a feli's age by one day.

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