A Scalae sporting the Belly (blue) Fury (purple) and Speckles (Blue) markings.

The Scalae (skay-lay) is the 8th released species on Felisfire. Scalae are roughly the size of Aquui, if not a bit larger. They lack wings, fur, or feathers, but are covered in bony spikes and plates. Scalae also lack prominent ears, having only small holes. They are nearly blind and rely on their acute senses of smell and touch to maneuver.

Along with the Aquus and the Xano, it is also a wingless species.

The first Scalae eggs were given out on December 11, 2011 as an Advent Calendar prize. They are tan in color and seem to be covered in scales. They are sold in the Egg Shop for 3,000 EN or 3 orbs.