Patch Marking Anubis on a Xano

Patch Items & Patch MarkingsEdit

Patch markings are special markings that cannot are not included in the list of possible markings to be added to a custom when hatching an engineered egg. As such, you cannot hatch a custom with these markings, but you can add them to your custom or any other feli after they are born. To add a patch marking to a feli, you will need to use the corresponding patch item.

A patch item can be either a gatherable item with high rarity or a non-gatherable item, which are created specifically for their patch marking and can only be obtained in the marking shop or through other special means (see below).

Exclusivity of Patch markingsEdit

Patch markings cannot be added to your feli by the lab zapper, advanced and basic marking discs. They also cannot be found on Wild Feli. Exceptions to the exclusivity rule of patch markings are Belljuice and Flahuku Bars, candies which randomly add an egg or patch marking to your feli. Patch markings are known to be harder for babies to inherit than egg markings. For example, the baby of a parent with skeleton and siamese is more likely to show Siamese than Skeleton, and also is more likely to carry Siamese than Skeleton (if they are not already shown). This makes it harder to breed for patch markings than for egg markings.

Egg & Patch MarkingsEdit

A few patch markings exist in both patch and egg form. Though the egg and patch version appear like the same marking on the feli, they are considered separate markings. The egg marking Blanket is noted in the marking list of a feli as simply Blanket, while the patch version shows up as Blanket (Patch). The odds of inheritance and the methods through which the markings can be obtained work accordingly to whether it is an egg or patch marking. These markings are the only ones that a feli can inherit as "double" markings (meaning two of the same visible marking) through breeding, without the use of candies, discs or the zapper.


The first patch markings introduced to Felisfire in April 2011 were Rings and War Paint, available from the Rings Flower and War Paint Flower, respectively. These were both new, non-gatherable items created specifically for this purpose. The marking shop (then named the Marking Plant Shop) where these two items were sold was simultaneously created, and the system of rotation of patch items that is still functional today was also introduced. Initially, the idea was to rotate a few new patch marking every 2 months on newly created items named marking plants (of which the rings and war paint flowers eventually became the only two), to be retired afterwards. The marking plants were instantly popular.

At the time, gatherable items had no other use than completing collections, completing Alonya's daily quest and the few odd ones out who had a use of their own (e.g. the Ceve leaf which was the only medicinal item before the introduction of candy). To retain the value of items of high rarity and simultaneously to keep patch items as something that was hard to obtain, it was decided (by Knifesmile?) to give the R-100 gatherable items a new use as patch items. Occasionally new non-gatherable items were introduced as patch items for new patch markings (often for holiday-release markings).

Now that all R-100 gatherable items had been turned into patch markings, R-90 gatherables are used for smaller and less elaborate markings and new non-gatherable items are created for larger new patch markings. All R-90 gatherable items are planned to be turned into patch items eventually (at which point smaller patch markings might be attached to R-80 gatherables, but that has not been confirmed).

Obtaining Patch ItemsEdit

There are many ways to obtain patch items:

  • Gathering (R-100 & R-90 Gatherables only)
  • Marking Shop
  • Sacrifice Shop
  • Advent Calendar (During Holidays and Special events such as: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Years', Valentine's Day, etc.)
  • Easter Eggs
  • Treasure Chests
  • Alonya's Quest
  • Monthly Game Highscores 
  • Monthly Premium Item
  • Staff-hosted Events & Contests
  • Activity Gift
  • Buying/Trading with other users
  • Through Random Site Events (Note: Very Rare)
  • As rewards for certain amounts of Site Referrals

Many patch items can be found through Gathering in their respective zones. You can check a Patch Marking Guide, State of the Economy or Your Collection (even if you don't have the item) to see which items are found in which area. Note that the rarity (R-score) of items indicates how often they appear when gathering, so R-100 items might take a lot of patience to find.

The Marking Shop rotates some patches, with others permanently available. Similarly, some other are of limitless quantity while others restock only a certain amount every hour. The rotation cycles (both length and content) tend to vary, but are always announced in the news beforehand. The prices of patch items have varied over the years, but currently R-100 gatherables and elaborate non-gatherable patch items cost 5 Orbs. R-90 gatherables and less elaborate non-gatherable patch items cost 1 Orb. During some special events, extra patch items may stock for only one or a few days.

Patch Items are generally considered valuable items and are among the more easily tradeable and desired items on the site. 

Other methods of obtaining patch items are from the Advent Calendar, where they are occasionally given out during holidays along with other valuable items, during staff events or contest and similarly as staff-distributed activity gifts. They are also found in Treasure Chests and certain Easter Eggs (obtainable during Easter, openable throughout the year) and might be obtained through Alonya's Quest, who might ask for an R90 or R-100 item (you receive a different item of equal rarity in return) or the random site events where you find your feli playing with an item that you receive (this is however very rare). Certain milestones of site referrals allow you to claim patch items (as well as other valuable items) as a reward. Finally, the monthly game high score and monthly premium items are sometimes patch items. Since the release of the sacrifice shop, some patch items can be found there. Items are added or removed from this shop occasionally. Changes are usually announced beforehand.

Current Patch Markings and their corresponding Patch ItemsEdit

Patch Name Patch Item Gatherable Notes Thumbnail
War Paint War Paint Flower No One of the first two Patch Items introduced to the site in 2011
Rings Rings Flower No

One of the first two Patch Items introduced to the site in 2011

Skeleton Feli Skull Yes (R-100 Creek)
Anubis Darkstone Yes (R-100 Tundra)
Hawk's Wing Jakli Bird Yes (R-100 Tundra)
Marking: Blood Splatter Zaku Fly Trap Yes (R-100 Forest)
Ball Python Albino Python Yes (R-100 Forest)
Snow Owl White Rose Yes (R-100 Tundra)
Peregrine Froslin Bird Yes (R-100 Creek)


Muzzle Large Log Yes (R-100 Tundra)

Released Christmas 2011


A chetae with muzzle

Eagle Ioalin Bird Yes (R-100 Field)

Released Christmas 2011


The black part is the patch marking eagle. Which patch item is Iolin bird.

Toes Yellow Rose Yes (R-90 Forest)

The black part of the paws is the r-90 patch marking toes.


Jeyli Shark Yes (R-100 Lake)
Demo (1)

The Marking Fury

Gnosis Pink Lotus Yes (R-100 Creek)


Speckles Quku Butterfly Yes (R-100 Forest)


Strike Ivy Snake Yes (R-100 Field) Reward for 10 Site Referrals
Van Rapple Shoots Yes (R-100 Lake)
Zipper Mythic Spear Yes (R-100 Tundra)
Calligraphy Midnight Butterfly Yes (R-100 Field) Released Easter 2012
Diamondback Tiger Constrictor Yes (R-100 Forest) Released St. Patrick's Day 2012
Indie Sox Sausage No Craftable (Item Crafting)

Released Halloween 2011

Rays Sapphire Yes (R-100 Tundra) Released St. Patrick's Day 2012
Zoned Buku Mushroom Yes (R-100 Creek) Released Easter 2012
Bib Red Rose Yes (R-90 Field)
Blanket Ambiguous Test Tube No Also an Egg Marking: available on custom eggs
Felidae blanket
Cutout Black Rose Yes (R-100 Lake)
Dog Points Qulio Flower Yes (R-100 Field)
Dun (Patch) Bird Eggs No
Inkdrops Jau Plant Yes (R-100 Creek)
Stains (Patch) Stained Knife No Released April Fools 2012

Only available in marking shop during special events (not part of general rotation)

Tips Feli Claw Yes (R-100 Field)
Ripple Magmahead Beetle Yes (R-100 Creek)
Flycatcher Erae Bird Yes (R-90 Field)
Vortex Weaved Staff Yes (R-90 Lake)
Clownfish Feli Ribcage Yes (R-100 Lake)
Fog Feli Wingbones Yes (R-100 Field)
Virus Feli Shoulder Blade Yes (R-100 Forest)
Banded Feli Vertebra Yes (R-100 Forest)
Frost Feli Tailbones Yes (R-90 Tundra)
Tail Cypress Cactus Yes (R-90 Tundra)
Wing Ceve Leaf Yes (R-90 Tundra)
Octopus Eyini Fish Yes (R-90 Creek)
Nightmare Tolno Chomping Plant Yes (R-100 Forest) Released Halloween 2012
Voodoo Blood Sample Vial No Released Halloween 2012
Wraith Bedsheet Ghost No (See Notes) Released Halloween 2012

Gatherable in the Haunted Swamp during the end of October

Microbe Unclean Scalpel No Released Halloween 2012
Haze Gathered Spidersilk No Released Halloween 2012
Sleet Monterey Pine Needles No Released Christmas 2012
Shatter Old Pine Cone No Released Christmas 2012
Sagittarius  Snowpack Bolete No Released Christmas 2012
Helix Mistletoe Sprig No Released Christmas 2012
Corrosion Okui Acid No
Bubbles Foaming Agent No
Crowned Tassel grass No Treated as R-90 item
Dunes Sidewinder No Released St. Patrick's Day 2013
Greaves Bronzite Ore No

Released Easter 2013

Only available in marking shop during special events (not part of general rotation)

Turkytail Turkey No Also a Minipet; Found in the orb shop for 1 orb

Only available in marking shop during special events (not part of general rotation)

Released Thanksgiving 2012?

Bullseye Fletch No Released Easter 2013

Only available in marking shop during special events (not part of general rotation)

Blaze Beaked Cobra Yes (R-90 Forest) Released Easter 2013
Detonate Hydra Snake Yes (R-90 Lake)
Hood Ivy Blade Yes (R-90 Forest)
Locket Crayal bird Yes (R-90 Field) Released Easter 2013
Circuit Electronic Element No
Meander Pottery fragment No
Pheasant Hasine Bird No
Valkyrie Mirrorwing No
Fallow Deer Deerling No Treated as R-90 item
Ophidian Beaded serpent Yes (R-90 Creek)
Pinprick Laceleaf No Treated as R-90 item
Socks Feli femur Yes (R-90 Tundra)
Stockings Ruby Beetle Yes (R-90 Creek)
Whisp Flora berry Yes (R-90 Creek)
Chin Amberstone Yes (R-90 Forest)
Inner Wing Cthbuli Moth Yes (R-90 Creek & Haunted Swamp)
Inner Ear Byu Leaf Yes (R-90 Tundra)
Leg Spots Hawk Beetle Yes (R-90 Forest)
Woodgrain Petrified Wood No (See Notes) Gatherable in the Haunted Swamp during the end of October only
Wild Dog Chatoyan Stone No
Rabicano Hammer Yes (R-90 Forest) Released Easter 2014
Red Panda Candails No Only available in marking shop during special events (not part of general rotation)
Motley Varadi Mushrooms No Unsure if Part of General Marking Shop Rotation or Special Events Only

Released Summer 2014

Eyeshadow Rubystone Yes (R-90 Lake)
Bioluminescence Ornate Bottle No Released New Year's Day 2014
Glasgow Haunted Mask No Released July 2015