A Iuridon sporting the Siamese marking (white.)

Iuridon (Yer-ih-dawn) are the second least dominant and therefore second rarest species on Felisfire. It was introduced in March 2011 along with the Zerda. It is species #4 in the demo feature.

A Iuridon egg can be bought in the Cash Shop for orbs each, making them the second most expensive egg that can currently be bought in the Main Shops, after the rarely spawning Xano Egg. They look like stone eggs with spikes/ horns on the shell of the egg. The eggs restock in the shop and are limited in quantity but are rarely ever sold out.

Iuridons are the most massive known species, standing as large as a Clydesdale horse. They are not good fliers due to their massive size, but they can manage it if they launch into strong winds from a high location; they can also take to the air for very brief periods in emergencies, but feel more confident on the ground.

Breeding & Dominance Edit

On the dominance scale they are the second least dominant type, falling right before the Xano. The only recessive gene Iuridon can naturally have is the Xano gene, since every other species is more dominant.

Due to a long standing bug, from the species introduction until the release of the Aurae in December 2014 the Iuridon was the most dominant species. As a consequence, there are many Iuridon recessive Xanos and Iuridon without recessive genes despite have Xano parents. The bug was not fixed retroactively, meaning the dominance of these feli's genes are swapped. Iuridon recessive Xanos thus breed as if they were Xano recessive Iuridon.

The gestation period for the Iuridon is 14 days or two weeks, the longest of all breeds on Felisfire.

How to Obtain Edit

The Iuridon is classified as a rare breed, and as such is not included in site features that cater to the common breeds, such as transformation potions and the lab zapper.

A Iuridon can, aside from buying and breeding, be obtained in the following ways:

*Note that you cannot obtain an Iuridon by using the lab changer as Iuridon is a rare species, and only common species are available with the lab changer tool.