About GestationEdit

Gestation is the period that a feli is pregnant with their baby/babies before giving birth. Gestation on Felisfire varies from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the species of the mother. Note that gestation period of a pregnant feli depends on the breed of the baby. If a Felidae with an Aurae Recessive gene is expecting an Aurae baby, the gestation period will be 9 days, according to the breed of the baby. The due date of the baby shows up on the ultrasound (if unlocked) and on the pregnant feli's profile.

If the pregant feli is expecting multiple babies (twins or triplets), they will each be born according to their breed's gestation period. A Chetae bearing Felidae twins will give birth to both twins after 3 days. If the Chetae is expecting one Felidae and on Chetae, however, the Felidae will be born after three days, after which the mother remains pregnant with the other kit for 4 days more, when the Chetae baby is due (7 days after conception, as the gestation period of a Chetae is 7 days). The date of birth listed on the ultrasound and pregnant feli's profile is the date until which the feli will remain pregnant; in other words, the date of the last kit born (and not the first!).

Gestation ChartEdit

Breed Gestation Period
Felidae 3 Days
Aquus 5 Days
Scalae 6 Days
Chetae 7 Days
Igneo 8 Days
Aurae 9 Days
Lycreon 10 Days
Xano 11 Days
Zerda 12 Days
Iuridon 14 Days