The Generation of the feli is sometimes of importance on the site, other times not so much. In fact there is one user who is, at the moment, trying to get a generation 100 feli, starting at generation one and then going to 100.

The generation is decided upon the the parent that has the higest generation. In the case of the picture shown to the right, the generation of this male xano is 19, but the father is generation one. The mother is generation 18, and since she is generation 18 and she had a son, thus the next generation, this male is classified as generation 19.

If two generation 1 feli were bred, their baby would be a generation 2 feli. If that generation 2 feli was bred with a generation 20 feli, the baby would be generation 21.

The generation does not carried on a specific gender, it doesnt matter if the male or the female is the highest generation or the lowest. As long as ONE of the two parents is a higher generation, then the baby will be a high generation as well, even if the other parent is a lower generation.

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