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"It was all over the news, all over the world. An Earth-like planet with its own locally evolved life had been discovered and secretly explored by a coalition of all Terran governments. Scientists of all disciplines, from all lands, were needed for a pan-Terran colony to be established on the planet code-named FELISFIRE for the purpose of studying its strange native life, especially the cat-like forms termed "xenofelinoids."

How could you resist? Names were being made, papers published, before the expedition even got off-world. So you signed up. You endured the long coldsleep under cryogenic suspension on the UTV (United Terran Vessel) Voidhawk. And now, at last, you have arrived at Planet Felisfire! "

What's Your Purpose

"You have been given your own dedicated laboratory, as fully stocked as possible, as well as six cryogenically frozen eggs containing embryos of the most common native xenofelinoid species to start your own genetic and breeding experiments. But now that you're here, there's no going back, and the situation on the ground isn't as stable as the people back on Earth believe it to be. Bizarre things happen on Planet Felisfire, things which ought to be impossible.

Will you be able to successfully breed the native xenofelinoids? More importantly, will you survive to unravel the mysteries of this weird


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