A Chetae sporting the Husky marking (light brown) and Tiger marking (dark brown.)

The chetae (Chee-tay) was the sixth species to be released. Like its name suggests, it was based loosely off the cheetah. It is the only feli species that has multiple 'tails' made up of long feathers. Chetae are roughly the size of a small horse, though built differently. They are agile fliers and quick runners.

On the dominance chart they are right after the Zerda and right before the Igneo.

The egg of the Chetae is odd, having a tan/white base with what appears to be a red fossil-like design with a crack that has blue flames coming out of it. The egg is sold for one orb in the egg shop.

When a user reaches a breeding score of 50, an engineered egg can be turned into a chetae egg for 1,000 energy, and at breeding score of 100 an unborn baby can be turned into a chetae for 2,000 energy.