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First released in the Trick or Treat Halloween event of 2011, these edible items offer a great many things for your feli. Some can be ingested by all breeds, but some can only be eaten by certain breeds. They can also be found and bought in the Candyshop. 

All candies are grouped into two groups. The 'Species specific' candy and the 'Basic' candy. The former is rather self descriptive and the basic candy can be eaten by all breeds found on FelisFire.

As the candies are being fixed, this list will be updated when the list as to what is working is updated. Effects are subject to change for those that arnt working yet. DO NOT USE your candy that is listed here as isn't working. Even though you may have a link saying 'use on active feli' don't do it, it'll waste a candy and nothing will happen. ( some are working, such as byte-o-bucks, as it turned a male feli into an Omni) Basic candy and what they do:

{C}If this candy is used while the player does not have an active cat, a random Nest Event is triggered (such as a coffer fire, a Sunny Day, or a Feli Goddess Blessing.) This power of the candy does NOT work if the candy is fed to a cat. But it is not reccmomended to do this because more often than not you'll get a fight

Candy Name Species Effects Cost
Abelki Gummies All Abelki Gummies, when activated on a feli, cause one random shown marking to be turned into another random one (e.g. the marking 'Dun' may turn into the marking 'Celestial'). This candy does not cause markings to change colour.
Abyucumber Rolls Zerda May change the life expectancy of the Feli, as well as it's current age.
AikEEzEEs All (This candy will increase the fertility of the cat it is fed to. The next time this cat mates and produces offspring, it will have a 50% chance of siring twins or triplets (50% one kitten, 25% twins, 25% triplets.)
Belljuice An exotically sweet liquid made in part from the nectar of the bellleaf flower, this candy contains powerful chemicals and will cause any cat to whom it is fed to develop a random new marking in a random color, on a random layer.
Bibi Bites Igneo This candy will heal any injury or illness it suffers from, change its hunger to Full, and it grants a +10 hunting level bonus for the duration of one hunting session. If it is used when any other species is the player's active cat, it will heal Injury and Arythridyn if it is suffering from one of those ailments, but will also make the cat two levels hungrier.
Brazzybits Deep violet to purple candies which consist of many tiny, hard spheres stuck to the outside of a soft, squishy, gumdrop-shaped center. Contains compounds which will one marking of your choice on your active cat Stro
Bucky's SaltySquares Aquus
Byte-O-Bukus All Randomly re-assigns the sex of the player's active cat, but never chooses the cat's original gender. For example, if fed to a male, it might become a female or an omni, equal chance for either.
Byuceve Bar Scalae
Cekali Honey Iuridon If the player's active cat is an Iuridon when this item is used, the active cat will be healed of any injuries or illnesses, will have its hunger filled up to full, and it will temporarily increase its fertility. The next time that specific cat either sires kittens or becomes pregnant, the litter will invariably contain two offspring. They are NOT guaranteed to be Iuridon; this is determined by the parents' genes as normal.
Crayalines All Will cure any illness the cat is suffering from EXCEPT Injury and Arithrydin.
Dragonbombs Xano  Little purplish-red hard-candy Dragon Fruits which are mildly sour but mostly fruity-sweet in an exotic way. Feeding this candy to a Xano will cause it to bear or sire more females and omnis. It will even work on a pregnant Xano's unborn litter.
Roko Rollerz A very filling, energizing snack; it resets to Full the hunger rating of the cat it is fed to. Also, the next time that particular cat goes hunting OR gathering, it gets an extra five turns. (This DOES stack with Sunny Day and with hunting in pairs -- if the player feeds both of their hunting cats a Roko Roller, they can get a total of +10 extra hunting turns.)
Hakooloe Works just like a Navani Leaf except that it raises the cat's hunger to Full as well as removing the 'Injury' illness.
Candied Lotus Petals This is a waxed paper package containing a few Pink Lotus petals which have been gently heated, then dipping and air-dried, forming a very thing, sugary coat. Consuming this candy enhances a cat's senses, which adds +5 to its hunting ability for one trip
Flichay Bursts For the duration of one gathering session, the cat gets doubled gathering turns and can carry up to 15 items rather than 10. As described above, the bonus will not expire if not used immediately, unless the cat is frozen, in which case the bonus expires whether it was used or not.
Marshmoyras Aquus If fed to an Aquus, this candy will heal any injury or illness it suffers from, change its hunger to Full, and will double the amount of meat it can carry while hunting for the duration of one hunting trip. If fed to other species this candy will do nothing, not even raise hunger to Full, as they hate the sour taste and will spit it out rather than swallow it every time.
Nectar Drops Felidae If fed to a Felidae, it will heal any injury or illness the cat suffers, restore its hunger to Full, and reduce its age by three days.
Noxious Candy
Ookooz A small cardboard box full of irregular green candy bits. These bits glow faintly in the dark because they are made from Uku Glowing Mushrooms. If fed to your active cat, it will cause a random carried marking to become visible on a random layer and to ha [Cutoff]
Pied Pieces
Pinobeans May cause the colour of the Feli's eyes or nose to change.
RadRadRikos If used when a Chetae is the player's active cat, it will heal all injuries or illnesses, change its hunger to Full, and will double the number of gathering trips the Chetae can make for one gathering session (like a one-shot Sunny Day.)
Saya Syrup
Shuckuys Removes a recessive gene OR ads a new one.
Shuflar Bar Gives your Feli a random recessive gene.
Sugar Balloons Changes all marking colours randomly.
Vita-Vayu All A candy flavored with Vayu Bulbs. It is so potent that a limited amount can be used in a cat's entire life or it will die, but it's cheaper than a Vitality Elixir and works the same way.
Voonooz Zerda If used when a Zerda is the player's active cat, it will heal all injuries or illnesses, change its hunger to Full, and raise the Zerda's relationship points with all cats of the opposite sex and all omnis that it already has a relationship with by +25.