Breeding score is the points one gets for every feli born to them. It controls several features of the site as well, the biggest mile stone for breeding score is reaching the Breeding score of 50. On the site it will appear as B Score, and is just a fancy way of saying Breeding Score.

One gets their 'points' or score, for every baby born to them. So if they had one feli born to them, then they will have a breeding score of one. If a user has had fifty feli born, then they will have a breeding score of 50.

There are 'mile stones' or feature unlockables for a few breeding scores:

  • Breeding score of 5: Ultrasound
  • Breeding score of 25: Change the gender of an egg
  • Breeding score of 50: Change the egg species, Lab Zapper, Genecode Library
  • Breeding score of 75: Change an unborn babies gender
  • Breeding score of 100: Change an unborn babies species

The unlockables are not free though, and some cost energy to use. The most looked forward to feature is the Gencode Library.

At the moment there is nothing past a B Score of 100, but there has been some talk of getting more features availible after the 100 score since older users are now way past 500.