One main thing to do in this game is breeding your Felis. Breeding can go quicker if you use potions or candies, but the gestation period deponds on the unborn feli's species. You might also see a pregnant male. That means the owner of the feli either changed it's gender whilst it was pregnant or used in vitro lab tool, but that costs energy and many people think it's easier to just use gencoding. Breeding may take a little bit of time or it may take a very long time, it depends on how well your Felis get along.

How to breed your feliEdit

The best way to breed is to seperate your feli from other feli, but you can put them in a big clan as well. The feli will begin to interact with each other. The more you are active the more they interact. Every ten minutes whilst you are active, all your feli will interact, every thirty minutes whilst you are offline your feli will interact. You can get good interactions and bad interactions. And sometimes your feli will get into a fight. 

Your feli can only mate when they BOTH have 91 to 100 interaction score with each other. But then they only have a one in four chance of breeding every time they interact.

(separate by putting them in groups)

  1. Go to create group below your feli
  2. Check the feli whom you are moving to a group
  3. Then select name of group

Possible PairsEdit

  • Omni x Female
  • Omni x Male
  • Male x Female
  • Omni x Omni