An Aurae sporting Belly, Fury and Boots all in white.

The Aurae is the 10th species to be introduced to Felisfire. It was released on December 20th, 2014, with an Aurae Egg included in the advent calendar a few days later. The species is based on the butterfly.

Along with the Zerda, it is one of Felisfire's two long-haired breeds, having a long fluffy tail and wavy, silky fur on its torso and shoulders. It is the only species with butterfly or insect wings that are slightly see-through. The Aurae has feelers extending backwards from its head and curly ear tips.

Aurae are between Zerda and Chetae in size. They achieve flight through rapidly fluttering their wings. They cannot go very far or very high off the ground; however they are adept at digging and often create burrows much to scientists' surprise.

The Aurae Eggs are currently sold only in the Cash Shop for $3.00.

Breeding & DominanceEdit

The Aurae is the 6th common species in the dominance chart. That makes it the rarest of the common species, below the common Chetae but above the rare Igneo. They have a gestation period of 9 days.

The Aurae is a common species, meaning it can be found in the lab changer and transformation potions.


Out of all the Felisfire breeds, the Aurae has had the longest development. The first sketch of what was initially named the Faekitty or Butterkitty appeared in a March 2011 news post, closely resembling the eventual breed, though in a lying pose. At that moment in time, the Igneo was in full development and so the butter-kitty was moved to the back of the line. New species concepts appeared and though art of the butter-kitty appeared from time to time, it was not considered a priority and moved to the back of the line as other species (like the Scalae and Lycreon) were developed and released. Eventually in December of 2014 the species was released, and a poll taken for the name shortly before. Aurae was the reigning champion of the poll.